Team Merch Sportswear doesn’t believe but knows that the selection of colours is the most important step in the design process.

We don’t believe in only supplying you an electronic image of what your design will look like because we know that those colours on your computer screen will look nothing like the colours printed in real life.

That’s why Team Merch Sportswear offers our clients one of the largest colour ranges in the industry printed on fabric and sent to you FREE of charge.

Below is just an example of the multitude of colours on offer.

The great thing is all our apparel is sublimated which means there is no limit on colour.

The below colour palette displays over 300 of the more commonly used colours.

Prior to any design work being conducted we will send you a FREE colour palette printed on fabric so you have a 100% guarantee on what that colour looks like printed on fabric.

Ring us on 1300 157 857 or email us at and provide us your name, phone number, club/organisation name and postal address and we will send you a colour chart the next business day.